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Insane run, 80$ depo to 17$ then to a few grand, 240k wagered from it


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I had this insane run the other day, never had this much luck around here! I did a 80$ depo and almost busted and was at 17$ , had some nice hits to recover and got upto a few hunder dollars , after that i went to slots from NoLimitCity and had these hits, got up to about 7k$ after that i went big in dice, keno and had these hits. Was absoulety insane , have never had hits like this before, hopefullly again sometimes in the future ❤️❤️❤️

Screenshot_20220520-065048_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20220520-070933_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20220520-104842_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20220520-080540_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20220520-113726_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20220520-120023_Samsung Internet.jpg


Screenshot_20220520-162121_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20220520-164205_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20220520-173206_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20220520-185559_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20220520-190136_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20220520-212140_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20220520-215901_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20220521-000735_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20220521-033711_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20220520-191854_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20220521-000815_Samsung Internet.jpg

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wow nice bro!

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You are most intelligent

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this is brilliant type of gameplay

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You and I are literally a mirror image!! .... with flip flop added... which means my profit line is more like a cliff, instead of your steep ass mountain you got there

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