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Weekly XP Boost    
1$ wager = 1XP if won    
but if loss;    
Level 10 - 19 every 1$ wager 2 XP
Level 20 - 29 every 1$ wager 3 XP
level 30 - 39 every 1$ wager 4 XP
level 40 - 49 every 1$ wager 5 XP
level 50 - 59 every 1$ wager 6 XP
level 60- 69 every 1$ wager 7 XP
level 70 - 79 every 1$ wager 8 XP
level 80 - 89 every 1$ wager 9 XP
level 90 - 99 every 1$ wager 10 XP
level 100 and up every 1$ wager 11 XP


If a player weekly profit is  positive , his  XP gain is based on 1$ wagered  = 1 XP

though if a player  weekly profit  is negative   , his XP gain has to be  based on the table above 


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Is this a suggestion or is this how it actually works now?  If the later, when is the additional xp added, and can't people then game the system.  Say i wagered 100k for the week, but make sure my profit is -1.  Currently the way it is explained being as i am level 35  i would then get an additional 400k experience at the end of the week?  I am sure there may be more creative ways to game the system that i haven't thought about yet too,

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because it states you must be in the negative for your weekly winnings to get the benefit, so i would gladly spend that extra dollar to be down for the week if it mean i gained 400k experience which would level me up several times. etc..  and i would also be pissed if i wagered all of that and had a profit of only a few dollars instead of getting the bonus experience.  So i think it either needs to be worded differently or soemthing.  I think if the goal was to say only give the added experience on the amount one was down for the week then it would be alright because then if i was down 1 dollar for the week i would get 4xp instead of 400k.  Does that make sense? and maybe that was what was mean from the get go but the devil is in the details and it just said if you have a weekly profit in the negative.  So i took it at face value and game up with that.

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