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The Wheel at BC.game lets you choose between low, medium or high risk and 10 to 50 segments. Below is a picture of what it looks like at high risk and 50 segments.



The odds of winning here are simply 1/50 = 2%.

If we change the settings to medium risk and 30 segments, the wheel will look as follow:



The odds are calculated as before, but with a greater variety.

White: 15/30 = 50%

Blue: 6/30 = 20%

Green: 1/30 = 3.3%

Orange: 6/30 = 20%

Purple: 1/30 = 3.3%

Red: 1/30 = 3.3%


Provably fair

You can verify that the outcome of the bet is fair by following these steps.

  1. Click on the acorn and generate a new seed image.png.19702d0049808833950eb5032eefa488.png
  2. Click on the bet you wish to verify.


     3. Click on the “Verify” button.

     4. new tab will open in your browser, which will show the final result.

The winning numbers are set up in a table, and it looks like this for medium risk with 30 segments.




The top row is the raw number you got, and the bottom row shows which multiplier it represents.

Follow these instructions to calculate the raw number (top row) manually.

    1. Take the first eight characters in the hmac_256 string and convert them from hexadecimal to base10 in groups of two. You can use any hexadecimal converter.


In this example you get as follows:

9b = 155

72 = 114

c7 = 199

27 = 39

    2.  Put these numbers in the following equation:



Add the results together: 0.605468750 + 0.001739502 + 0.000011861 + 0.000000009 = 0.60722012

Multiply the result by 30 (because there’s 30 segments): 0.60722012 * 30 = 18.216603660

Rounded off, the result will be 18.


The table shows that 18 represents 2 (i.e., a multiplier of 2).

The final result is orange, a 2x multiplier.






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