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Lost phone / google authenticator


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Hi! I lost my phone and the google authenticator was there. I played earlier in the same account in my pc but when I tried to withdraw... I forgot that there  is 2fa. About the login method, I did not log in because my account is always here in my pc. I cannot remember what  login method I use on this one. Also, I don't have a linked email, I can't link one because of my lost phone.

Here's my username  Imagjabyiwb

User Id5659055

 I  also attached the transaction I made earlier which is the cash in from my bank account and also the transaction ID in bc.game. Regarding with the IP address and device. I only use this one. please see attached files for your reference. 
please help me on this one. I'm not rich and will be needing  this funds for christmas :(
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