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Sports bet voided 1 hour after paying out. Win is legit. No reason to void. Please help.



out of pocket 150$ due to sportsbetting voiding a perfectly fine winning bet.

plz help. 

live chat pied me off with basic t&c nonsense.


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Sportsbook platform reserves the right to cancel any bet which made using automatic systems, its not allowed to use the automated system that's why its cancelled

The sports book is totally managed by the provider itself and the most common reasons that sportsbook provider is likely to cancel the bets are

- Sportsbook Offered Odds by Accident. ...
- The Event Is Difficult to Grade and/or Verify. ...
- Your Bet Was on a Match That Your Sportsbook Deems “Suspicious”
- Parlay Constructed Improperly.

As clearly mentioned in our sportsbook terms that you've accepted while signing up to the site

3.1 Sportsbook platform reserves the right to cancel any bet made on obviously “bad” odds, switched odds or a bet made after an event has started.

3.2 All bets accepted by Sportsbook platform are subject to these rules, as well as to applicable license conditions.

3.3 Sportsbook platform reserves the right to refuse, restrict, cancel or limit any bet.

to read out the total terms of sports bettting I recommend you to visit https://bc.game/help/terms-sports Thank you!


odds were not inaccurate at time of bet. team were 3 down

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