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monopoly and just another bttton puyshing fool making foolish moves


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i just finished a blackjacksession where i wa carefully betteing between a fwe dllars and qt dollar most fifteen dollars mostlyand wanted to see this monopoly game waws about i seen it streamed on some of he influencers page and so i clicked bet from 25 to .50 cents and then clicked 3 times to bet.  in the middle of it iwas chatting or tring to build it up and not sure if that reset it it but i think a players history of how he gambles is all but a telling on being given the benefit of the doubt and i tottally understand had i  won that bet we probably wouldnt have this discussion although id feel bad that id tip out half of the winnings just cfause i felt i didn deserve it as i only intended to bet .50 well i got tilted and ten started betting more then what i wanted on a game ive never played before  so i was betting dollars up to 10 dollars on  game still far from the 75 it forced me allin all i probably lost 250 to being on tilt and 75 which ws purely an accidental be.     can anyone tell me why first of all cyping in the chat will ever be llinked to betting how its not just sepoerated from the get go and how does thebet ihghlighted in 25 chips changeto .50 and back to 25 only cause i typed in chat and why is there no quick pull be backbutton  i screamed in chat tried to say no bet please.....  an i just a fool wit a fools lesson?


certainly we sould probaly never allow chat typing on keyboard allow its self to be any kind of hot key for beting stakes thats just super dangerous what if i was with a big stack omg id be really sad

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