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$4,000 Top Tier Evoplay Multiplier Battle!


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DURATION: 25th JAN - 1st FEB 09:00am GMT
PRIZE POOL: $4,000

Hey Everyone! This week we will host our Top Tier battle on EVOPLAY. Your challenge is accomplishing the highest multiplier in ten selected games. The prize pool of up to $4,000 will be split among the winners, and to make it even more exciting, any participant who completes the extra bounty will receive an equal share of 10% of the prize pool. With incredible odds and a vast reward up for grabs, join us in this fantastic event! – (More details below).

Eligible Games

  • Win the highest multiplier on the Evoplay games listed below

     image.png.40c1ba6cbebc94eabadc5eb72afb17be.png image.png.c07ad997600f4a5723a0d2d819fc52e8.png image.png.d4b93be3dcb4fbaac4d9853693b192d3.png image.png.0095aae5ccd4f8878ff29ff0524b0dc9.png image.png.f8266929441496607cbe8a0e39dc805f.png

image.png.b707f5f46ee6f490ff42f126c6a02823.png image.png.e836176a073d4e4f6c39e74be820a77d.png image.png.ec0b66ae8b021dc3b8a98986e3f499a7.png image.png.af481751b1cd238521d5663a19c94a6d.png image.png.2e531c3da6e5ce2f86045127723e49af.png

  • The highest multiplier reached in each game will be added together and counted as total points. Bonus buys are allowed.
  • If the player submits multiple winning entries for the same game, the entry with the highest multiplier will be valid.       

How to Enter

  • Access the game to select your Bet ID, click on the Share icon (↷) and then Copy link. Return to the topic, paste the link in the field "Reply to this topic..."
    • E.g.: https://bc.game/#/sd/111ZK0YHPEPMVN
    • Each eligible entry must have the Bet Slip URL, the non-inclusion of the link will disqualify participation in the event.
    • In the same post, upload a screenshot of your win by clicking the game ID WITH VIEW IN USD mode ENABLED (accessible at the bottom of dropdown menu for your wallet up top, and Submit Reply. Done! This way, we can ensure that your bet indeed met the minimum requirement at the time of placing it:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Example post -


Link: https://bc.game/#/sd/111ZK0YHPEPMVN


Minimum VIP Tier

  • Must be VIP04 or higher in order to enter this event.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Minimum Payout

  • Minimum payout to qualify is 10x (in any game) for a valid entry.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Minimum Bet Size

  • Mega Greatest Catch Bonus buy - $0.10
  • Hot Volcano Bonus buy - $0.10 
  • Gold Of Sirens bonus buy - $0.10
  • Magic Wheel - $0.10 
  • Inner Fire bonus buy - $0.10 
  • Hot Triple Seven Special - $0.10
  • Patricks Magic Field - $1.00
  • Rueda De Chile Bonus Buy - $0.10
  • Massive Luck - $0.10
  • Juicy Gems Bonus Buy - $0.10

Eligible Coins

  • All cryptocurrencies are eligible (excepting JB, and BCL). Free Play Mode is not valid for this event.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Prize Pool & Reward Breakdown

  • The winners will win a share of the prize pool based on the detailed ranking below. Anyone who completes the side bounty will receive a share of a 10% of the prize pool.
Participants Prize Pool 1st place 2nd place 3rd place 4th place 5th-10th 11th+ Bounty Prize
1-100 $2,000 $500 $250 $150 $100 Equal share of $300 Equal share of $500
Equal share of $200
101-150 $3,000 $750 $375 $225 $150 Equal share of $450 Equal share of $750
Equal share of $300
151-200 $4,000 $1,000 $500 $300 $200 Equal share of $600 Equal share of $1,000
Equal share of $400

⭐BOUNTY - Share a bet that shows exactly 50x payout on any of the ten games within the timeframe of this event and you will receive a share of 10% of the prize pool! If nobody wins exactly the payout, the player/s closest to the payout will win this bounty! Original rules apply with a minimum bet, minimum payout & VIP.



  • Please combine all of your hits together in a SINGLE post. Edit your existing post for additional hits, don't create a new post.
  • Each eligible entry must have the Bet Slip URL, failure to include it will disqualify participation in the event. Bet Slip image is not mandatory.
  • Bets must be posted within 24 hours of placing bet in order to keep things fair for everyone.
  • Bets must be made during the specified time window stated above. This thread will lock automatically when the time period is over.
  • One (1) entry per household. Anyone found attempting to win multiple prizes will be disqualified from this challenge as well as all future challenges.
  • Failure to follow instructions will result in your submission being null and void. 
  • By entering this challenge, you acknowledge that BC.Game has the final decision on results and placement.
  • Payouts will be distributed after the event is finished. Please note that it could take up to 72 hours after the completion of the event.
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Holding my spot

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Rueda De Chile Bonus Buy

12 x https://bc.game/#/sd/1124GEKGEKR95F



Massive Luck

10.49 x https://bc.game/#/sd/1124Z5W6556NTF



Hot Volcano Bonus Buy

31 x https://bc.game/#/sd/112684YE5A5YC3



Inner Fire Bonus Buy

18.5 x https://bc.game/#/sd/1125ESDCRW1AFN



Hot Triple Sevens Special

40 x https://bc.game/#/sd/1124ZGSAYUBFO3



Juicy Gems Bonus Buy

10 x https://bc.game/#/sd/1125F261A2DIXF



Gold Of Sirens Bonus Buy

45.39 x https://bc.game/#/sd/11268GK7Y67EHF



Mega Greatest Catch Bonus Buy 

12 x https://bc.game/#/sd/1126V99VYXKX77




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Mega Greastest catch BB 348x


Rueda De chile BB  1058x


Hot Triple Special 210x


Juicu Gem BB 85.05x


Gold of Siren BB




Inner fire BB 148.94x


Massive luck


Hot Volcano BB 187x



















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