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I did to get too crazy, but to give an example; I have 800k in Plinko bets with my most significant chance no bigger than 15 with the majority 1.00 to 5.00. This is a fact. Even with 15k in my account, I never bet above my average. I am used to constantly dropping double balls, sometimes triple.. but usually double. It could be gone back a long time to verify all this.. well in the past few weeks was bored ad playing before I was interrupted by the charge nurse while playing Plinko and must have fat-fingered myself to a max bet which in my account at the time is 1300   now if I hit it has been like 2 million dollars yeah right we know I want to get a more then max payout of 20k or so.... why would anybody do this.. it shouldn't be allowed I get there was a warning there about max bet and appreciate the sign but to place it in someplace where you would hit chance defeats the purpose. It stinks. I was so accustomed to sending double balls in..... now I sent emails right away and spoke with several support reps. All told me I needed to put it in an email and send a support message.. well I could understand if they emailed me back and told me I'm shit out of luck but not even to email me back when I have posted hours of content about my 24 hours in a row gambling conquests and always try to give back as much as I get. not even an email... at least my VIP host had the decency to ask about my broken leg few times while I was out of town getting therapy for it. I'm unsure why you guys can't even email me back, considering this was not entirely my fault.

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