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Keno instant bet feature needed

Keno lightning mode  

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  1. 1. Should keno single be updated to have a lightning mode/ instant bet option.

    • Yes! Life is too short for animations and speed is good
    • No I like being slow. And don't want people to have the option to be fast.

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Hi guys I've tried several times to encourage admins to update the in-house keno single game to have instant bet/lightning speed button as here is the only place that forces you to only play keno with the animations. Kenos better when faster. I don't ask much but please think it would be better for everyone to hit those keno wins quicker 😉 from my projections if bc game adds this feature to keno I expect the casino will grow to a Fortune 500 company within 3 months 

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I think this is a brilliant idea, would ad a nice touch to the game. 

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