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A huge hello to everyone!
Thank you for taking the time to check out my review.

They say that it is unrealistic to make money on the Internet, everywhere there is deceit, divorce, and so on. But while surfing the internet in search of profit, I came across the FreeCash website.

The site is in English, at first I didn’t believe it and decided to complete some task just for the sake of verification, I took a survey about drinks, and earned the first 1000 coins, or

coin - the name of the site's currency, and tried to display it.

There is a wide range of output options. You can withdraw in cryptocurrency, to your favorite services, or order a visa voucher card,
withdraw to Paypal, or cs go skins.

I chose a skin, sent a withdrawal request, and lo and behold, I really received this skin. I was very happy that there was such a
an opportunity to earn extra money on such an interesting site, which is very dust-free and easy. The site also has a mobile version that can be downloaded from Playmarket.

There are many jobs on this site. There is a so-called wall on which there are partners of the site, in which you need to complete tasks.

There are several types of tasks:

1. Pass the survey - fill out the questionnaire, and if you match the questionnaire, the system will let you take this survey. For a survey, you can get from 80 to 2500 coins. 1000 coins = 1 US dollar.
2. Download the application and open it - the easiest task, but the reward is corresponding to 20 to 250 coins.
3. Register on any site and perform some action - this is also a simple task, but the reward can be more from 100 to 500 coins.
4. Download the game and achieve certain achievements - this task is already more difficult, but it is more paid, for example, there is a game and you need to achieve it,
for example, level 30, a task is performed such that if you do not strain for about a week, for such tasks they give from 1000 to 20,000 thousand coins.
5. Temporary free subscription - here you also need to be careful, since application subscriptions are free at first, you need to remember that they need to be turned off in time,
so that your hard-earned money is not taken from you.
6. Quiz - I don’t do such tasks at all. since there is very little reward and a lot of time to complete. Up to 20 coins.

The site has a referral system where you can share a registration link and receive 5 percent of the earnings of the people you invited. And the invited
will receive 100 coins. Even in the official Twitter account, the service publishes bonus codes (from 200 to 500 coins), which must be entered in a specific tab.

There is also a daily reward that you need to pick up every day, it depends on your level, which rises depending on how many tasks you completed and how much you earned in total. The site has a chat where you can find out which tasks are relevant for making money and other useful information regarding the site
are discussed there. There is also support, where the site administrators will always help you if there are any problems, for example, with the withdrawal.

Personally, I withdraw Cs Go skins from this site, because it is so convenient for me, and then I sell it on the trading floor, and in total I earned 4767 rubles in three months.


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