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Plundering the Cave


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I used to think trading derivatives was ‘financial crack’; and then I played CoP. 

Im bipolar ( drugs/mental health is a recurring motif in much of my work ) so when I find something I like, I literally drown myself in it until I can stand it no longer. 
As you can probably imagine, this little crack head has been hitting the pipe for literally days straight, and something weird started happening. 

After weeks of obsessing, I began to realize that, whenever the dreaded ghost (💀) was about to make a fateful appearance, I would feel it. 

Most sane individuals, by this point, have stopped reading. Who would take advice from a bipolar drug addict who can see the future? 

You, that’s who. And your fortitude will soon be rewarded, as I explain that the longer I played the game, the more I realized, I was actually having a psychological response from CoP!? 

But how?!?

Pattern recognition. 

It is by no means an exact science, but, since I’ve picked up a few of the common patterns that lead to a ghost (💀) I’ve gotten soooo much better at collecting my prize in timely fashion. 

Now: questions, for you, I have. 

Am I crazy, or does any of that make sense? Okay, yes I am for sure crazy, but nonetheless the probability chart seems to indicate I am on to something.  

Partial Collect: This is tricky, because it makes you feel safe, and I am suspect of anything that makes me feel safe in a casino.  

Initially, I never touched the partial collect because I thought I was losing prize money; but I believe I was remiss in my initial assumption. 

I haven’t even touched betting strategies, and I won’t venture further than to say, “Don’t ever be afraid to take any profit(s) off the table.” 

Just to really drive that last point home, I will share some wise words my father once told me, 

“When in doubt, whip it out!” 

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