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Wallet address format error

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For bch: When withdrawing or depositing to bc the formatting pulled from the site does not use the accepted format required for transactions. 

for example: address format requirements must use:


bitcoincash:(42 char address uid)

When uses bc’s copy button feature to copy wallet address to device clipboard, the only element that is copied Is the 42 character UID. This doesn’t translate to other wallets due to incorrect format.

if the user is familiar enough with wallets and addresses to understand the issue is merely due to the copy button selection error & decides to manually copy the address the page itself dictates the predetermined selection section. Meaning if the player identifies the issue, copies it themselves then it will still highlight and copy the wrong section. 

ok, if after all of that they also recognize the page is preselecting the wrong element and manually overrides to obtain the full address, user is unable to select the entire address. So even if an attempt to copy entire address selection is made wallet page tab will not allow for the user to select it. Copied selection will still remain only the 42 character UID. 

tried again & copy button feature worked. 
Operator error 🤪

hyperlink coloring displayed per CSS also indicates there is an issue with the wallet selection for address.

device details: Apple iPhone 12promax ( MGCP3LL/A) iOS 14.6 

browser details: Google chrome version 102.0.5005.87


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Isn't the "bitcoincash:" bit only to make sure you don't send it to the wrong address, but it's not actually needed?

I can send to BCH address without "bitcoincash:" to and fom my Trezor at least.




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